Emily L. R. Adams

Emily L. R. Adams b. 1981, Louisville, KY.

Adams is an installation artist living in Olympia, WA. As a multi-media artist, much of her work combines found objects with large-scale photo based screen prints and pattern design. She earned her MFA from the University of Wisconsin - Madison (2015), and her BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design (2005). Among many awards, she is a recipient of the David and Edith Sinaiko Woman in the Arts Award (2015), and her work has been featured in New American Painting Magazine (2015). Adams has worked with artists and master printers at Pace Editions (NY) and Tandem Press (WI). Her forte' is in serigraphy yet has a breadth of experience in all areas of printmaking.

She currently works as Adjunct Faculty and Printmaking Technician and Technical Support II, at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

Artist Statement

My work explores ways in which the choices that we make are influenced by the pre-existing, and often past, or historically implemented, parameters and restrictions of societal and environmental constraints. I use portraiture to tell this story and printmaking to express how a technique can implicate a similar message through various applications of materials. In a variety of approaches, whether it be photographic decals on silver serving ware (Looking Glass, 2017), or printed resist on mud-washed fabric (I See Myself In You, 2015), I want to show how different materials interact together to create a new narrative. By doing this I am also suggesting how our actions and motivations have the potential to influence the future.

As a young girl, my grandfather told me about his brother who worked as a wallpaper designer in New York City. That was one of the first times that i realized how all aspects of our constructed environment are designed by someone. That which is seemingly ordinary has the potential to influence our lives in not so obvious ways. Making art can have a great impact on the immediate experience and ultimately extending to larger groups of people. To share my perspective and passion with others is not only rewarding, but can be eye-opening for me as an artist. One of my main goals are to impress upon others the capabilities that we all have to influence our own lives and communities.

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