February-March, 2011

Revelry Boutique-Gallery

Love or Not Love



Valentine’s Day is a touchy subject. Some love it, some are indifferent, others abhor it. Whether you find yourself riding the love train or checking into the heartbreak hotel, you might enjoy this nifty V-Day show. Revelry owners Paula Weyler-George and Mary Le recently tasked their favorite screen printers with an assignment — make something following the themes of either “Love” or “Not Love.” All of the original pieces in the show are $100 or less, and the featured local and international artists include Ty Kreft, Amanda Bishop, Madpixel, Jeral Tidwell, Angryblue, CricketPress, Kin Ship Press, Sean Tully and Emily Adams. Take an art-lovin’ date, or maybe meet one there. 

Credit:Jane Mattingly


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